What now for law ali?

We are sorry for another delay from our end. Actual work got in the way of our daily updates.  Unfortunately our anna is not the only one who likes to draw our attention.

Although we can let you all know that if what we have been working on gets through it will impact a range of people in Queensland and New South Wales.

Maybe even our anna.

So, today we were going to run a post about another of our anna’s grandiose claims.

But as per usual a new message we have received has meant we have had to bump that until another day.

Today we have to let our loyal followers know that our anna’s most active persona of late, law ali has left the building.

No, that persona has not been deleted.

It is no more in ‘facebook legal’.

We have not been advised as to why she left ‘facebook legal’, only that she’s gone from the group.

Here is a screen shot we were sent.


Sorry anna. But we are sure that anna has already created another persona to re-enter the group. Or maybe anna could just use her existing karen liverpool account instead.

But it seems that anna already has been.


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