Who’s number one?

Another day, another attempt by our anna to claim credit for what others have done.

Here we have a comment from our anna using her law ali persona claiming that she made public the failure of DOCS to save Mason Jett Lee.


So off we went on research mode.

And as you suspected, not one report of a person called law ali exposing anything to do with Mason Jett Lee.

Keeping in mind that law ali claimed not to be anna stancombe AKA anna patel.


But did our anna really make the details of Mason Jett Lee public? Or is she just repeating what has already been said?

Wasn’t this information made public during the court hearings?

And weren’t the details made public by the media?

And weren’t the details made public by the politicians who tried to make mileage out of Mason’s death?

Well, yes. Yes it was…

So let us be clear.

After the Police investigations. And the Public prosecutors. And DOCS. And the Hospitals. And Masons extended family. And the Politicians. And the organisers of the original protests.

Our anna was the first to expose the failures that led to Masons death…


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