Why are our ears bleeding?

For those following our anna’s exploits you may have observed that our anna appeared on TV recently.

As background furniture in a attention grab by a person by the name of peter little. or is it little peter. Or maybe graham little. Or graham peter little. Or even peter pope.

Wow. That is a lot of aliases for a person to use. We wonder if our anna would also call peter little a ‘coward hiding behind fake names’?

Anyway, our anna then goes off to start her election campaign to record and publish a video onto youtube.

A video where our anna compares the parents who took their child from a hospital against medical advice, to the death of Mason Jett Lee.

Yep, let us compare two completely different situations, just because we can. So lets look at what our anna has claimed

In the first instance Mason Jett Lee was released into the care of his mother, regardless of the concerns that the medical staff had. And on this point we do actually agree with our anna. Mason Jett Lee should never have been released into his mothers care. Because there was no care being provided.

But in the second instance the parents of Chase Walker-Steven removed him from the hospital. Chase Walker-Steven was not released. And again the hospital staff has concerns for his welfare.

And as required, the hospital reported the child’s removal to the police.

It is well known that the parents of Chase Walker-Steven are vocal anti-vaccinatinists who blame vaccines for their sons cerebral palsy.  Cerebral palsy is a brain condition that usually occurs before, during or immediately after birth. As such the possibility that vaccinations caused the Chase Walker-Steven’s is remote to nil.

The child has also been treated by the parents with cannabis oil.

Now, we get to the interesting part.

Here are a few questions for our anna to answer. We know she won’t, but here we go anyway.

Was the hospital wrong for allowing Mason Jett Lee to be released? And to his mother?
Would the hospital have made a report if Mason Jett Lee had been removed without the knowledge of the hospital?
Do you anna, blame the hospital staff for Mason Jett Lee’s death?
Did the hospital have any say in Chase Walker-Steven being removed from the hospital?
Were the hospital wrong to report Chase Walker-Steven’s removal?
Do you anna, believe that the impact of Mason Jett Lee has caused the hospital to be more stringent with these sort of matters?
Do you anna realise that your actions were a catalyst for the reporting of Chase Walker-Steven’s removal from the hospital to the police?
And lastly, can you anna explain why two parents who had no interest in allowing hospital staff to provide care to Chase Walker-Steven took Chase Walker-Steven to the hospital in the first place?

The biggest issue we see here is the one we raised on a previous post. Our anna is great at blaming people for everything, but what is the answer?


How do you fix the situation anna?

We asked before, but you never replied.

Please tell us how to fix the situation that exists.

As the No Tolls Party candidate for the electorate of Morayfield we would like to know your answer anna.

And if we could ask one last question, why did anna snort helium before she spoke?


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