Please welcome Melissa Gibson

Well. this is not the way we wanted our return to be.

Sorry to all but this post is not about anna, but a person we covered in passing some six months ago. Melissa Gibson trading as Australia’s Butterfly Psychic.

We touched on Melissa Gibson as she and another psychic, Janet Martin had an altercation on social media. Because of this altercation our anna took it upon herself to send Janet Martin a series of abusive messages.

Janet Martin, in investigating the messages came to the conclusion that they had been sent by Melissa Gibson using a fake account.

We noted that not only was Janet Martin wrong, but it was not the first time that a psychic had made this mistake (that anna was a fake account).

Anyway, recently we received a message from Melissa Gibson requesting that we remove all reference to her from our WordPress page.

Usually we are quite accommodating to these sort of requests. We have always said that we are only interested in the truth and we will rectify any errors that we have made.

In this instance we had included Melissa Gibson’s name and facebook page as it gave context to the blog post.

we would have happily discussed the matter with Melissa Gibson, until we got to the part of Melissa Gibson’s first email to us, that stated that we had 48 hours to comply with her request or we would be sued for financial loss for future earnings as we had (in her opinion) defamed her.


Hmmm, red rag to a bull much?

Now, we can appreciate that Melissa Gibson would be protective of her image on social media. But Melissa Gibson seems not to understand that as protective of her image that she is, we are fiercely protective of our little corner of the internet.

We will not be threatened.

In the subsequent 14 emails we received from Melissa Gibson over the following 24 hours we counted the following:

Requests to remove all reference to her and her facebook page – 7
Claims that we had defamed her – 8
Threats to sue – 5
References to her Lawyer – 7
Veiled threats – 8

Considering that Melissa Gibson gave us 48 hours to comply from her first email, this appears to have been a gross over-reaction to our lack of positive response to her first request.

And what was our reply to her second email? The one that came in before we could reply to the first?

Good luck with your journey.

From the communication that Melissa Gibson has sent us we have come to the following opinion about Melissa Gibson trading as Australia’s Butterfly Psychic.

1. Melissa Gibson’s dislike of Janet Martin exceeds any dislike that she may have of our anna.

2. That Melissa Gibson appear to be trying to sanitise the internet prior to her commencement of her future nursing career.

3, Melissa Gibson’s lawyer appears to be facebook legal.

Now, we are still quite happy to deal with Melissa Gibson, even after all the threats she has made to us.

We have even already taken her name of the post in question. But now it appears that publishing the emails that we have been sent by Melissa Gibson also defames her.


Melissa Gibson believes that her emails should be confidential, but made no request for this to occur. Readers of our blog are well aware that we publish all threatening or abusive messages. As well as when anna pretends to be other people.

It is not our place to question a persons choice of career, but as a psychic is this how Melissa Gibson pictured this matter going?

Below are all the emails that Melissa Gibson has sent us to date.



  1. Wonder if she could just use her Psychic powers to contact you .Or use them to summon dead lawyers for advice .


    1. Sorry provaxspeaks, nothing to update.
      No further emails, no messages, no phone calls, no knocks on the door, no subpoena’s.
      Nothing that we were advised we would be getting.
      Sadness is amongst us.


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