QLD No Tolls Candidate runs social media hate group

Welcome back to all our faithful readers. And all our new visitors.

We took a break as we intended to re-start when the Queensland election was announced so we could help spread the word about the Consumer Rights & No-Tolls party candidate for Morayfield, anna-marie stancombe.

But we have been watching as our anna created her latest social media hate page ‘Who is Belgin Sila Colak Asslan’


Our anna’s hatred of Belgin Colak appears to be so great that she is willing to do everything that she claims has been done to her. Remember how anna claimed to be stalked, harassed and bullied?

We will cover some of our anna’s actions over the next few posts, but lets look at the first thing that we noted that anna did.

In creating the Belgin Colak hate page our anna added the Call Now option with a mobile phone number.

anna 10

We have blanked out the number, but it is clearly visible to anyone who visited anna’s hate page.

But guess what happens if you search for that number on facebook?


Up comes Belgin Colaks facebook profile.

Yep, anna posted Belgin’s phone number so that anna’s friends can ‘call’ Belgin Colak.

Makes us wonder how proud that Jeff Hodges is of his parties candidate for Morayfield.


1 Comment

  1. You can tell the page is run by Anna ,she came out from under the bridge last night and was her usual cray self . I posted some truths about the well known bush pig but was to much for her to handle she quickly deleted it all .What i find really funny is that anna thinks people don’t know its her .Plus she even posts about the crimes she’s committed .SHAME ON YOU ANNA


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