anna stancombe, she who can’t handle the truth.

Oh dear, poor anna.

Another day, another anna page gone.

For a person who seemed to excel at abusing the facebook reporting algorithm, anna appears to be on the receiving end a lot lately.

Our anna’s anti-Belgin hate page has been removed by facebook as it fails to meet facebook’s Community Standards.

But it’s ok. Even though anna spent a lot of time sanitising the page, we and others have screen shots of the majority of what anna posted.

There is a saying about the internet. What has been said cannot be unsaid.

Like this little comment from our anna accusing Cameron Gibbs of running our WordPress page, but anna also accuses Cameron of bullying his brother Andre so much he committed suicide.


Not only is this an outright lie, and our anna knows this, anna deliberately hid the abhorrent attack that anna committed on Andre’s mother Cherie Gibbs. And how do we know this? Because our anna deleted the comment that pointed out anna’s attack on Andre’s mother.


An attack on Cameron’s mother that we covered in one of our earlier posts.

We know that our anna loves to talk about herself in the third person but the page ‘Who is Belgin Sila Colak Asslan’ was created by anna-marie stancombe. In fact anna used this account to create it:

Why our anna needed to lie about her ownership of the anti-Belgin hate page is something only our anna can answer.

Sadly the truth is something that our anna has never let get in the way of one of her personal attacks of other people. This trait of Morayfield’s Consumer Rights & No-Tolls party candidate anna-marie stancombe is something that we are going to follow with interest as we head towards the upcoming Queensland State Elections



  1. I’m so over this crazy woman stalking me .She even subscribed to my youtube account .She is demented and needs help .Have contacted Acorn asking that they will resume charging her after reading the comments on her hate page .She has no friends and is butt ugly I think she does this to make herself feel important .But the ones who must suffer are her children those poor things must live in a very toxic household


    1. Hi Cameron. Totally agree with you. Only in the past week myself AND my family (including my young children) have been stalked and abused on facebook by this disgusting excuse of a human. She has entered my house without being invited, when asked to leave she has screamed assault. She has stalked us on Facebook. She has made many profiles and left abusive feedback on our work pages. I have evidence of her reading through our personal mail, writing down information about us. She has even stooped as low as writing a disgusting post on a photo of my young daughter. This piece of germ is not worth me even replying to her many, many comments, but let me tell you, she has definitely messed with the wrong person this time. Let me tell you about a saying ‘ It’s not what you know, It’s who you know’. 😀


      1. Bye Anna,

        Three points we need to raise.

        Firstly we do not condone the use of illegal activities, no matter what the provocation.
        Secondly, just from what you have posted this matter should be in the hands of the Police. Our anna has broken about a dozen laws and should be dealt with by the authorities, not social media.
        And thirdly, if you would like to send us an email we can create a post to document anna’s actions. Just use the Contact Us link if you wish.


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