Who is Angela Coral Eisenhauer?

Again with the questions. We all saw the train wreck that was the anti-Belgin Colak hate group set up and run by our anna. And oddly assisted by one Angela Coral Eisenhauer.

And what was the question we have been asked? Is Angela Coral Eisenhauer another of our anna’s persona’s?

So we thought we would have a look.

Sorry, but Angela Coral Eisenhauer is an actual real person, residing in Albany Western Australia.

Angela Coral Eisenhauer, or Angela Coral Offer, or ACE as she is referred to by the anti anti-vaccination community is one of the special category of anti-vaccinations that ticks all the anti-vaccination boxes.

Angela suffers from mental disease and/or illness,
Angela is a vocal conspiracy theorist,
Angela is an anti-government advocate, who lives on welfare payments in public housing,
Angela has no qualms about racially vilifying people who disagree with her, and
Angela’s research skills are severely lacking.

To demonstrate these points here are three comments Angela has made on social media.


Angela posted this comment recently:

Whats on my mind? facebook bullies who think they have privileges and turn out to be wannabe politicians, stupid enough to have the same phone number they use to harass me personally, listed on their political page.

Wonder what our anna did to Angela?

Sorry, but this comment was about another person from the anti-vaccination community, Justine Christerson.

Odd that a person who is trying to gain political mileage from Chase Walker-Steven should be vilified, unless of course that person is the Consumer Rights & No-Tolls party candidate for Morayfield, anna-marie stancombe who deserves all of the assistance that Angela Coral Eisenhauer can provide.


Angela got herself banned from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) social media for racially vilifying people. A clear violation of the CDC social media posting policy. The worst example of this that we were advised of was when Angela called an openly gay Jewish man a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Anyone who knows their American history knows the only thing that the Ku Klux Klan hate more than gay people or Jewish people are black people. For Angela to think that calling a gay jew a member of the Ku Klux Klan is acceptable is a good indication of the level of hatred that Angela has for her fellow man.



The third comment is by far the best example of Angela’s research skillz. Angela is convinced that everyone who opposes her opinion on vaccinations on social media are employed on an Indian call centre run by a company called 411staff, funded by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Angela came to this conclusion because she came across an ad similar to this one:


You’ll note that the company name is CDC BPO. CDC BPO is part of CDC Corporation, a Hong Kong based software company.

CDC Corporation is in no way connected with the Center for Disease Control (CDC), but why let the reality get in the way of an Angela story.

looking further into it, it appears that Angela believes that every instance of CDC is the Center for Disease Control. Angela is convinced the CDC listed on the Australian Stock Market is the Center for Disease Control, and not the China Dairy Corporation.


So Angela has spent her time messaging people asking them to be a CDC whistleblower by calling people Ashok, and asking them if they sold their wife’s Kidney to Bill Gates for $25.


We could also go into how Angela called a person, who was part of the team who wrote the No Jab, No Pay legislation, proof that all people who oppose her were from an Indian call centre due to their ‘poor’ English language skills. But we think you get the idea.

Isn’t it odd that birds of a feather flock together…


UPDATE: Seems we are not the only ones to have featured Angela. Here are a few other profiles of our anna’s latest companion.








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