Trial by social media

There are times where we take a step back, and look at what our anna does to others.

And we wonder why our anna needs to attack people in the manner that she does.

We have documented numerous examples of our anna actions. Calling people paedophiles, stalkers, bullies and the like.

But there is also the many messages we receive from people who do not want their interactions with our anna to be documented.

This is because people are actually scared of the repercussions of what may happen if they do stand up to our anna.

These people come from not just Caboolture, but from other locations in Queensland, as well as other States, and in some instances from other Countries.

And all because a person has the audacity to disagree with our anna.

Keep in mind that you are all sheeple unless you have done your research, and come to the same conclusion that our anna has.

But that did get us thinking, what does our anna do to those that she cannot control.

Like the father of her children?

Our anna has created a facebook profile in her ex-partners name, and has used it to harrass her ex-partners friends and relatives.

But recently our anna decided to take the fake account to a new level.

This is what our anna does to those she cannot control.


We wonder what the courts would think of trial by social media.



1 Comment

  1. Dear Anna

    Why do you abuse my mother
    You have caused her great distress and fear she has been through enough and to have a crazy person like you stalking her is very worrying. To abuse someone over the loss of a child is sick .I will be at your next court hearing picketing your evil ways so that the public will know what type of sick person you are. What I’d I contacted your mother and abused her I wouldn’t as I am not a crazed stalker who gets their jollies from abusing elderly people. You make me sick


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